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  • Dialectica Categorical Constructions. AMS Special Session on Applied Category Theory JMM2023, January 5, 2023. Boston, USA. 2023. [Slides]
  • Dialectica Comonoids. Logic and Algebra Seminar, University of Denver, February 17, 2023. Denver, CO, USA. 2023. [Slides]
  • Dialectica and Godel Doctrines. II Encontro Brasileiro de Categorias, 20-24 mar├žo, 2023, Sao Paulo, BR, 2023. [Slides]
  • Dialectica Categories Revisited. Chapman University, 14 April, 2023, Orange County, CA. 2023. [Slides]
  • Dialectica Categories Revisited. Chapman University, 14 April, 2023, Orange County, CA. 2023. [Slides]
  • Going Without: A Linear Modality and FP. Mathematically Structured Functional Programming, co-located with ETAPS, 2022, 2-7 April 2022.. 2022. [Slides]
  • Dialectica Petri Nets. Intercats Online Seminar, Topos Institute, March. 2022. [Slides]
  • Dialectica Categories Revisited. 8th CSLI Workshop on Logic, Rationality, and Intelligent Interaction, CSLI, May 2022. 2022. [Slides]
  • Dialectica e os Problemas de Kolmogorov-Veloso. Carolina Blasio Day, Instituto de Matem├ítica da Universidade Federal da Bahia - Brazil. 2022. [Slides]
  • Tutorial: Constructive Modalities. Meeting of the Australasian Association for Logic. 2022. [Slides]
  • History of LICS Impromptu. LICS 30th year celebration, 2016. Berkeley, New York, NY, USA. 2016. [Slides]
  • Lean Logic for Lean Times: Entailment and Contradiction Revisited. 4th CSLI Workshop on Logic, Rationality and Intelligent Interaction, May 30-31st,2015, Stanford, CA, USA.. 2015. [Slides]
  • Modal Type Theory. Logical and Semantic Frameworks with Applications, LSFA September 2015, Natal, RN, Brazil. A video of the talk is available from their website.. 2015. [Slides]
  • Portuguese Linguistic Tools: What, Why and How. IBM Research Center in Rio de Janeiro, September 2015. 2015. [Slides]
  • Lean Logic for Lean Times: Varieties of Natural Logic. Conference on Computing Natural Reasoning, CoCoNat 2015, July 19-20, 2015, Bloomington, Indiana, USA. 2015. [Slides]
  • Intuitionistic Modal Logic: 15 years later. Berkeley Logic Colloquium, 6th March 2015. Berkeley, CA, USA. 2015. [Slides]
  • War Times Proofs & futuristic programs. Berkeley University, 13 October, 2023, Berkeley, CA. [Slides]